Top 100 Anxiety Quotes

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Anxiety is the fat of the mind. It’s that thing that slows us down, holds us back, takes space for no good reason, and has no real use. These carefully selected quotes will help you pacify anxiety and get a better perspective on things.

Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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Buddha at the Gas Pump (GatBap) is the most popular non-sectarian spiritual podcast out there. Rick Archer, the host, has interviewed nearly 500 teachers, academics, scholars, monks, gurus and leaders in the space of spirituality and meditation. Last ...

Self-Discipline Quotes

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Self-discipline is about self-mastery and self-respect. This collection of quotes on self-discipline will inspire you to master your mind, take consistent action in what is important for you, and achieve your goals.

Beware of Meditation Scams

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Now that meditation is a mainstream practice, there are plenty of people looking for creative ways to profit from it, and you will find meditation scams popping up here and there. How to tell the difference? Here are some guidelines.

Top 60 Letting Go Quotes

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Learning how to let go is a universal need, and a skill that can make your life happier, more peaceful, and more productive. Each of these quotes is a reminder that letting go is both possible and desirable. Let today be a new beginning.

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