• Master Your Mind Daily Videos


    Daily live videos on the topics of meditation, overcoming anxiety and fear, personal growth and wisdom. Learn how to develop a meditation practice, overcome obstacles on the way, deepen it, and apply it to your daily life.

  • Top 101 Anxiety Quotes


    Anxiety is the fat of the mind. It’s that thing that slows us down, holds us back, takes space for no good reason, and has no real use. These carefully selected quotes will help you pacify anxiety and get a better perspective on things.

  • Mindfulness Reminder Tools For Your Daily Life


    The formal practice of meditation is essential, but not enough. For meditation to be truly transformative, it has to go beyond the cushion. Here I cover the devices that help you easily create moments of pause and mindfulness during your day.

  • Episode 10: Hacking the Mind


    John Hargrave, author of Mind Hacking, talks about reprogramming addiction, how to declutter the mind, the “reality distortion field”, having faith in oneself, and how to hack your mind with analysis, imagination and reprogramming.

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