• Master Your Mind Daily Videos


    Daily live videos on the topics of meditation, overcoming anxiety and fear, personal growth and wisdom. Learn how to develop a meditation practice, overcome obstacles on the way, deepen it, and apply it to your daily life.

  • Audio Articles


    Do you prefer to listen to LiveAndDare articles rather than read them? If so, you've come to the right place. In this page you will find the blog articles that have been converted to audio, for your convenience. These ...

  • The Three Pillars of Meditation


    Meditation is a wonderful practice, full of proven benefits. But for you to really experience those, you will need to first develop the Three Pillars of Meditation: habit, technique, application. Learn what they are.

  • Beware of Meditation Scams


    Now that meditation is a mainstream practice, there are plenty of people looking for creative ways to profit from it, and you will find meditation scams popping up here and there. How to tell the difference? Here are some guidelines.

  • Sufi Meditation and Breathing Practices


    Sufism is the mystical path within Islam, where the goal is to purify oneself and achieve mystical union with the Supreme (named Allah in this tradition). Unlike many of the other meditation techniques, Sufi meditation is spiritual by nature.

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