• Self-Discipline Quotes


    Self-discipline is about self-mastery and self-respect. This collection of quotes on self-discipline will inspire you to master your mind, take consistent action in what is important for you, and achieve your goals.

  • Top 60 Letting Go Quotes


    Learning how to let go is a universal need, and a skill that can make your life happier, more peaceful, and more productive. Each of these quotes is a reminder that letting go is both possible and desirable. Let today be a new beginning.

  • Your Strengths are also Your Weaknesses


    Our strengths can often be the source of our weaknesses. Every virtue is a type of personal power, and like all power, it can be misused or distorted. Here I explore the need to balance our strengths with opposing qualities.

  • Meditation is essential, but not enough


    Meditation is a powerful tool. And it gets even more powerful when is combined with other personal growth tools—such as self-reflection, the study of wisdom books, conscious body work, breathing practices, and conscious relating. Learn why.

  • Top 60 Fear of Failure Quotes


    Fear of failure is a mental virus that stops you from taking risks and trying things in life. It tells you a scary story. It says you are not good enough, and things will turn out bad. This collection of quotes tells you a different story.

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