Personal Coaching

My work, as you can see from my articles and newsletters, is to support you to master your mind, and master your life. I believe in knowing oneself, finding one’s unique path, and not being limited by any emotion, conditioning, or mindset that is not serving you. For that, both the teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions as well as western psychology are employed.

(You can read more about my background in the About Me page.)

Part of my work here on Live and Dare is to personally support a handful of individuals who are ready for serious coaching. Often a single session is enough to get the clarity, direction, and inspiration you may need. However, an ongoing program of meetings spanning 6~12 weeks is also available for those wishing to engage in a deeper level.

Here are the four types of coaching that I focus on. Click for more details:

Do you need help with something not listed above? Contact me here, then we can book a free 20-minute discovery call.