My work is to enable you to master your mind, and master your life.

I believe in developing self-awareness, finding one’s unique path, and not being limited by any emotion, conditioning, or mindset that is not serving you.

For that purpose, the practices of meditation, inner work, conscious living, and transcendence are key. Any change you want to create in yourself or in your life can be accelerated by the wise use of these key practices.

My Coaching Programs

Part of my work here on Live and Dare is to personally support a few individuals who are ready for serious self-transformation. Click below for more details.

The coaching for overcoming anxiety, and the one for developing selfdiscipline are both 6 to 12 weeks programs. We meet one-on-one every week for an hour, and you also have unlimited email access to me.

The other two modalities of coaching can be either ongoing, or a single session.

Do you need help with something not listed above? Contact me here.

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