Accelerate Your

Personal coaching with Giovanni

My work is to enable you to master your mind, and master your life.

I will help you develop self-awareness, clarify the path forward, and free yourself from negative emotions, beliefs and stories that limit you.

For that, meditation, wisdom, mindset and accountability are key tools. Any change you want to create in yourself or in your life can be accelerated through these key practices. Coaching is the shortcut.

Self-Discipline Coaching

No distractions, no excuses, no regrets. Live more purposefully, cultivate healthy habits, and grow in all areas of your life. 

Anxiety Coaching

Master your mind, and improve your emotional wellbeing. Overcome the fears, worries, self-doubts, and regrets that comes with anxiety.

Meditation Coaching

Learn how to better integrate meditation in your daily life, find the best techniques for you, and deepen your practice.

Spiritual Coaching

Develop and integrate your spiritual practice in a balanced way, so that other aspects of your life don’t suffer. Clear confusions.

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