One-On-One Coaching

One-On-One CoachingMy work, as you can see from my articles and newsletters, is to support you to master your mind, and master your life. I believe in knowing oneself, finding one’s unique path, and not being limited by any emotion, conditioning, or mindset that is not serving you. For that, both the teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions as well as western psychology are employed.

(You can read more about my background in the About Me page.)

Part of my work here on Live and Dare is to personally support a handful of individuals who are ready for serious coaching. Often a single session is enough to get the clarity, direction, and inspiration you may need. However, an ongoing program of meetings spanning 6~12 weeks is also available for those wishing to engage in a deeper level.

I know the power of coaching, and I myself get regular coaching sessions with different teachers/writers, to expand my practice and enrich my perspective.

As a coach, I’ve helped men and women from different walks of life, mindsets, and age groups. Clients I’ve worked with got helped in the following areas, among others:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger management
  • Developing confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness 
  • Clarifying your life’s path and calling
  • Developing self-discipline and an empowering routine
  • Getting in touch with your emotions
  • Working through your shadow sides
  • Taking your meditation practice to the next level
  • Integrating meditation and conscious breathing in daily life
  • Overcoming porn addiction
  • Showing up more fearlessly in relationships and life
  • Clearing confusions that come up when following a spiritual path

As a coach, I won’t simply ask you questions and wait for you to find solutions by yourself. I will actively share perspectives, resources and experiences, from the point of view of one that has strived hard, for the last two decades, to put conscious living into practice. I live what I teach, and that’s why I’m confident I can help you.

Seeing the transformations and breakthroughs in my clients is what most motivates me to offer coaching. So far I’ve never had a single unhappy client. My philosophy is: “If I couldn’t help you, I don’t want your money.” As simple as that. 

I also believe in strict confidentiality, unconditional positive regard, helping you find solutions you can actually stick with, being direct and pragmatic.

Sessions happen online through Skype/Facetime, unless you are in Sydney (then we can meet face to face at my office).

As my time is limited – and my main focus is on continuous development, learning and writing – I only allocate time to be with 3~5 clients per month. If you feel this is for you, send me an email sharing a little about yourself, and what you need support with. I will then let you know if I can help, and what is the investment.

What do you want to change, create or overcome in your life?

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