Episode 10: Hacking the Mind

Meditation is a great way to find yourself and to improve your life. But meditation is not only what happens when you’re on the cushion – it’s a way of life.

Your mind in meditation is a reflection of your mind in daily life, and vice-versa.  So another way to deepen your meditation practice is to actually make sure that you don’t have a thousand threads of unresolved tasks and unprocessed information hanging around your brain. In order words, psychic decluttering is important.

In this episode we discuss this and other related subjects. I’m interviewing Sir John Hargrave, who is the CEO of Media Shower, the world’s premiere content marketing company. This interview covers principles and tools (“Mind Games”) that John wrote about in his new book Mind Hacking, about how to reprogram your mind and change your life. He is quite geeky, so you’ll hear him speak how our mind is like a personal computer, or a smartphone, among other modern metaphors.

Here, the subject of mastering your mind is discussed in a very pragmatic and non-mystical way.

In this episode you will learn…

  • Reprogramming addiction
  • The contemplative’s way to deal with technology, email, and social media
  • How decluttering the mind by “closing the loops” of tasks can help the mind be less restless during meditation
  • The need to be vigilant with our mind
  • What is the “reality distortion field”
  • The importance of reclaiming our attention and being the master of the house
  • The power of having faith in oneself, and confidence in the truth
  • How to hack your mind with analysis, imagination and reprogramming

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Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded. – Buddha

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