Episode 12: Your Brain on Meditation (Ariel Garten)

As brain sensing technologies advance, we will be able to have more and more insight on what is going on in our brain during meditation, and whether we are going in the right direction in our meditation.

In this episode I’m interviewing Ariel Garten. Ariel is a Psychotherapist, Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, and the CEO of Interaxon, the company behind Muse, which is a brain sensing headband that helps people meditate – a clinical grade EEG in your pocket.

[We experienced a few technical issues in this interview, which caused me to partially lose the better quality recording of my digital recorder (Zoom). I was left only with the backup copy, recorded directly from a Mac software. For this reason the quality is not as optimal as usual.]

We talk about:

  • Ariel’s personal journey into meditation;
  • How Muse works, and what type of meditation is best suited for;
  • How therapists and other health professionals are using Muse to help their clients/patients;
  • Where brain technology is moving towards in the near future
  • The challenges with brain modulation tech

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You can contact Ariel via twitter.

Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. – Alan Watts

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