Episode 003: Common Questions on Meditation (Colin Pal interviews Giovanni)

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In this episode, I was interviewed by Colin Pal (from TheUndeniableClarity.com). I will try to keep a ratio of 2 episodes with interviews, 1 podcast with me (either me speaking, answering a listener question, or doing a guided meditation).
This is my first time being interviewed for a podcast, and I enjoyed very much. Colin brings up some interesting questions on meditation, and makes me speak a bit of my journey into the practice.
In this interview you will hear me speak about:
  • My journey in meditation, spirituality, and life
  • What is meditation
  • How to get started with meditation
  • Where and when to meditate, and for how long?
  • Feelings of anxiety during meditation
  • Which types of meditation should I do
  • Falling asleep in meditation
  • Modern mindfulness movement
  • The different reasons why people meditate
  • Integrating mindfulness and meditation in daily life
  • My motivation and mission in building up this blog

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