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In this site you will find many articles explaining, step-by-step, several meditation techniques. The guides are direct, complete, and simple—and that’s why so many people love the blog.

For most people, the best way to get started with meditation—or to try a new style—is by following good guided meditations from a trusted teacher. This page is here for that.

Here you will find four free guided meditations taken from my Limitless Life program. They are, on purpose, not the most common types of meditation, so you can try something different, and have a taste for the full program.

Emotional Emergency Pause

This short meditation uses self-awareness and breathing to quickly calm down the nervous system. Use it to pacify any emotional agitation you may be experiencing in the moment, such as: anxiety, anger, fear, stress, and panic.

This is one of the best guided meditations for anxiety.

Stable as a Mountain

In this technique you will move your awareness throughout your body, and feel as if each part of your body is extremely heavy – so heavy that it feels as if you cannot move.

By creating the feeling of heaviness all over your body, there will be a unique sense of relaxation, confidence, and peace. You will feel stable, safe, and strong as a mountain. Stillness in the body and in the mind.

The Space Between Your Thoughts

This is a Tantric Meditation in which you focus on the space between thoughts, as a door to inner silence. It’s a great technique for calming the mind, diminishing the flow of thoughts, and experiencing peace.

Self-Enquiry: Guided I AM Meditation

In this meditation, the question “Who am I?” is used to bring your awareness away from all thoughts, feelings and sensations—and back to the sense of pure existence, or I am. This I am, when pure and shinning by itself, is the “Self” or pure consciousness; but when connected to thoughts and identifications, it is the limited ego or personality.

The I am by itself knows no suffering. It has no problems. It is simply an expansive sense of being. It is the witness, the perceiver, the observer of all. It is always there, as the underlying reality behind all your thoughts, memories, perceptions, desires, fears, roles and identities.

Go Deeper

The meditations above can give you a first taste for the practice. But if you want meditation to really be part of your life—so you can have the benefits and transformation that you are seeking—you will need to go deeper.

If that is you, the next logical step is joining the Limitless Life program.

In this meditation program, you learn how to build the practice step by step. This includes my signature framework of the Three Pillars of Meditation:

  • Habit: Start a daily practice in the easiest possible way
  • Technique: Find the most powerful style of meditation for you
  • Application: Take meditation beyond the cushion, into your daily life

Limitless Life also gives you access to a collection of over 50 high-quality guided meditations covering many ancient techniques—including several of the techniques presented in my bestselling book, Practical Meditation.

  • Accessible. Modern adaptations of ancient meditation techniques.
  • Variety. The techniques are taken from multiple traditions (including the Buddhist, Yogic, Tantric and Vedic traditions)
  • Teacher + Community. Each meditation comes with its own private forum where you can ask me questions and engage with the tribe.
  • Offline. Listen to the meditations offline through our iOS app.
  • Specific. Find meditations specific to helping you with relaxation, anxiety, stress, physical pain, overcoming fear, and falling asleep.

Click the image below to learn more and join the program.

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