Are you a company or a developer?

I am interested in presenting to my audience great products (physical or digital) that help them with meditation. If you have a product to offer that is in one of the categories below, and you would like to send me for review, contact me here.

  • Wearable technology (to measure the activity of the brain, heart, breath)
  • Cushions, zafus, zabutons, stools, chairs
  • Timers & bowls
  • Apps & online platforms

At the moment I’m not looking to promote retreats, CDs, DVDs, video courses, meditation music, or downloadable guided meditation.

Also, I do not accept payment for my reviews. If I love your product, and it’s a good fit for LiveAndDare audience, I will review it for free (affiliate commissions are welcomed).

Here and here are some examples of products I reviewed. They are all products I myself use.

And here are some numbers and testimonials from my work.

If you have something interesting, contact me here.

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