True Nonduality And Neo-Advaita—Moving Beyond A Cognitive Realization25 min read


Advaita Vedanta is a very ancient Hindu tradition of nondual spirituality, which over the centuries has featured extraordinary sages, and is the dominant philosophical school in India. In modern times we see the development of the neo-Advaita movement, which is a door to spirituality and growth for many people, but also presents several problematic views, ultimately impairing the further spiritual development of the sincere seeker.

By sharpening our understanding as to what true Nondual Spirituality really means, and the conditions for transformation and Liberation, we are better equipped to navigate the sea of spiritual teachers, communities, books, and conflicting views.

Perhaps some of the distinctions made in this article may seem too purist. The reason why I insist on them is because, in the matters of the spirit, language is often slippery and subtle distinctions make huge differences—just like a one-degree mistake in direction, in a long sea travel, can lead you to a different continent than what you were expecting.

Unless you have a map, you may have no means to tell the difference.

neo advaita
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