Today, 25th of November 2015, this blog becomes one year old! These last 12 months have been quite a journey. I have been putting around 20 hours a week on the blog, sharing my knowledge and experience with meditation and personal growth , and the results have been amazing. Much more than I expected.

So, in this little page I’m sharing my gratitude and my joy at the growth of this platform. Also reveal some numbers, and where I see this blog going in the future.

A Great Start

Twelve months ago, when I started, I had basically zero social media following, no articles, no online presence, nothing. But I felt people were hungry for a portal where they can find extensive and reliable information about meditation, in a non-sectarian way. And also a no-BS approach to personal growth (or “self-help”, for those that like this term). And it happens I was right – there is indeed a hunger for it!

Let me share a bit of what happened in this last year, and how the platform grew:

  • Blog
    • A total of 248k people have visited the blog, adding up to more than 460k page views!
    • Nearly 8k subscribers!
    • We’re number 1 in Google for the following keywords: benefits of meditation, types of meditation, styles of meditation, meditation answers, and others. And also rank in the first page for tens of other keywords.
    • Nearly 4k followers in social media (still space to grow here!)
    • 39 posts, most of them more than 2k words long
    • 14 podcast episodes, with a total of 11,385 plays
    • 435 comments on the blog
    • Alexa 280K
  • Quora
    • Featured meditation coach three times in 2015
    • Coached 50+ clients in meditation (chat based)
    • Wrote 325 answers about meditation in the forum
  • Insight Timer
    • My guided meditations got featured in the front page in Insight Timer (one of them is still there, as the 6th most popular one in the platform!)
    • Got over 33k plays, with an average rating of 4.65 stars.

All of this growth has been organic. Never paid for traffic or ads. Just the hard work of research, writing good stuff, and connecting with people.

LiveAndDare Growth

This was my philosophy in the blog:

  • Inform and inspire more than any other site. Find meditation topics people are hungry to know about. Then research, ponder, write, illustrate – make a post that is better than the 1st result in Google.
  • Serve, serve, serve. Answer every question, every comment, every email that I get. Yes, it takes a long time, and soon I may not be able to manage it anymore, but it’s a highly rewarding work.
  • Be clean, direct, thorough, and honest.

Most Popular Content

These were the most downloaded podcast episodes:

These were the most read articles in “Meditation” category:

These were the most read articles in “Spirituality” and “Personal Growth” categories:

Feedback & Testimonials

What keeps me going is the feedback I am getting from readers and listeners. Emails and comments like these:

LiveAndDare blog testimonial 16

LiveAndDare blog testimonial 8

LiveAndDare blog testimonial 3

The newsletter, which is weekly/fortnightly bite-sized reflections for better living, is also being well received. Here are some specific replies to those:

✓ LiveAndDare newsletter testimonials 5

LiveAndDare newsletter testimonials 1

✓ LiveAndDare newsletter testimonials 2

Finally, here are some of the feedback for the guided meditations:

Guided meditations testimonials 2

Guided meditations testimonials 14

Guided meditations testimonials 36

And there are a ton of other testimonials/reviews. Here is a selection.

The Future of LiveAndDare

If it depends on me, this blog will continue to exist and grow. I have been dedicating from 15~20h a week to this project, and I now feel that I’m making a much bigger difference through this blog than through my work as an app developer. So my goal now is to be able to do this full time – to help people with meditation and personal growth in a deeper way. Continuing it as a side project is also ok, but I know I can serve much more if I go full time on this.

So, for the coming years, alongside the posts, newsletters, and podcasts, I am considering to create one (or all) of these:

  • A membership site, with exclusive content, forum, AMAs,  “weekly challenges”, group hangouts/calls, guest webinars, step-by-step mini-programs, etc.
  • A directory site for meditation teachers, products and retreats
  • Products, such as ebooks, video courses, guided meditations, or a mastermind group

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Please tell me: what do you think should be the next steps for this platform? How to make it sustainable?

Comment below or send me an email.

Thank you for being here! Happy sitting, happy growing!

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