Meditation is a wonderful practice that improves your wellbeing, sharpens your mind, and gives you some interesting superpowers. It has dozens of scientifically proven benefits, and can really change your life.

Meditation helps to, among many things, overcome anxiety and stress, so that you can become calm, centered, and focused.

But for that to happen, you need the Three Pillars of Meditation:

  1. Right Technique. There are hundreds of different styles out there, and it is essential that you discover the technique that is optimal for your unique needs and personality.
  2. Daily Habit. Unless you practice it every day, the benefits you get from meditation are minimal.
  3. Life Integration. Take meditation beyond the cushion, by integrating it more deeply in your life. Here is where the magic really happens.

And, beyond meditation, self-transformation also requires the practices of inner work and conscious living. This is the real life application of the skills you developed in meditation—and it’s essential to give you the benefits or transformation you seek.

Here are courses which can help you develop and maintain these powerful practices in your life. Thousands of people have taken these courses and experienced the benefits — now it’s your turn.

The Full Program

Limitless Life is the main offering on LiveAndDare. It includes all my teachings and practices—the complete solution for you to master your mind, master your life.

Gain access to a suite of online courses, guided meditations, teacher dialogs, and a supportive community of conscious individuals, covering the four practices of self-transformation.

This monthly program exists to give you ongoing support and structure to overcome anxiety and stress, increase emotional wellbeing, and grow in your life.

Think of it as a gym membership for your mind, heart, and soul.

Individual Courses

My Book

My book, Practical Meditation, is an Amazon best-seller in the categories of Meditation and Spiritualism. Discover why some people are calling it The Meditation Bible and “The #1 meditation resource out there”.





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