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Meditation Benefits

Meditation Types

Walking Meditation

Meditation Habit

Deep Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Coronavirus Self-Care Package

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Personal Growth


Step 3: Limitless Life Program

Meditation Doesn’t Need to Be Overwhelming

The articles above give you a lot of information about meditation, personal growth, and spirituality. With these resources you have many tools at hand to improve yourself and your life—to be more calm, centered and focused.

But for many of us, that is not enough. Our anxious mind needs something simpler, and easier to follow.

It is hard to know what to practice, and how to practice.

It’s hard to know what to prioritize, and what to ignore for now.

And, above all, it is hard to actually implement all of this, and make it into a habit, a new way of living. Especially without the help of a teacher or community

It’s often overwhelming

The Step-By-Step Approach

That is why I have created the Limitless Life online courses. These are step-by-step programs that make things as simple as possible for you.

The program is based on the Three Pillars of Meditation:

Real self-transformation requires more than listening to a guided meditation app. Meditation goes much deeper than that—and meditation is just the first step.

Limitless Life includes a suite of online courses, guided meditations, teacher dialogs, and a supportive community of conscious individuals, around these four core practices.

This monthly program exists to give you ongoing support and structure to increase emotional wellbeing and personal growth in your life.

  • Daily short lessons that are simple, actionable and effective.
  • Works like a gym membership for your mind, heart, and soul.

Drawing from the wisdom of contemplative traditions of the East, Positive Psychology and personal development literature, Limitless Life has all the tools you need to live a life that is calm, centered and focused.

Click HERE to learn more.

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