The Web’s Top Non-Sectarian Meditation Blogs

Meditation Blogosphere

There is an increasing hunger on good information about meditation. But what type of meditation blogs are out there?

Before meditation exploded in popularity, there were very few sites talking about the subject. Even now, most of the sites talking about meditation are either:

  • (a) Promoting a single tradition or technique (like WildMind for Buddhist meditations, for mindfulness, SwamiJ for Yoga meditation, Brahma Kumaris for Raja Yoga, etc.);
  • (b) Not specialized in meditation in particular, but superficially covering it, together with a ton of other topics (sites like Huffington Post, WakeUp World, LifeHacker, etc.).

When I was thinking of creating LiveAndDare, I saw that there was a need for a site that

  • focuses on meditation, but also talks about two sister topics: personal growth and spirituality
  • presents meditation in a non-sectarian way, drawing from multiple traditions and not favoring any particular technique
  • connects east and west, tradition and science
  • exposes complex or obscure concepts in a pragmatic and systematic way.

That is why I created this blog. Fast forwarding to today, LiveAndDare is among the top 3 most popular non-sectarian blogs on meditation (based on traffic stats from

Top Non-Sectarian Meditation Blogs

The list below was created by searching “meditation blog” on Google, and going through the top 100 results. Then I removed the sites that were not actually blogs, or that were promoting a particular technique or tradition. This is the list of the top 20 non-sectarian meditation blogs, in order of traffic.

Website Alexa rank Moz DA
Headspace Blog 23,811 48
Muse Blog 226,407 60
LiveAndDare (yey!) 324,077 41
Karanbajaj 357,054 18
MeditationIsEasy 475,968 28
About Meditation 649,275 26
OMG I Can Meditate 756,992 23
The Daily Meditation 905,367 22
ASMY 1,474,676 19 2,038,704 30
One Moment Meditation 2,231,383 31
1GiantMind 2,237,201 32
Meditate Yoga And Meditation Center 2,538,433 16
Spirit Balance 3,142,567 14
REALThings 6,317,306 18
Serenity Meditation And Yoga 9,835,370 7
Stuck In Meditation 12,229,713 16
Centred Meditation 13,452,366 8
Lifestyle Meditation 15,283,109 13
Streamline Meditation 16,246,675 13
Actually, if instead of raw traffic you consider the popularity in the blogosphere (backlinks), or number of social media shares that the meditation articles get, LiveAndDare is the most popular.

Shares of most popular article

  • LiveAndDare –> 11k shares (article)
  • Headspace Blog —> 3k shares (article)
  • Muse Blog —> 930 shares (article)

Links from other sites (according to Moz’s Open Site Explorer)

  • LiveAndDare —> 3,318
  • Muse Blog —> 251
  • Headspace Blog —> 130

Also, the reader Allen Wei (blogger of researched hundreds of meditation blogs included LiveAndDare as the second most influential blog on meditation on the web!

[Note: Muse and Headspace are tech products, so that’s what their site is about. The backlinks count above is for their meditation blog, not the root domain.]

Other Noteworthy Blogs

 There are, of course, great meditation blogs that are promoting a given tradition or techniques. Here is a list of some popular ones that I found while doing this search.

Please share in the comments the URL of any good blogs you like on meditation.

Where to start in this blog

We have a lot of in-depth content here on Live and Dare. The best place to start is by checking out our resource page, which presents the site content in a very structured way.

  • Prasad

    Vihangam Yoga is one of the best meditation technique I have known so far. Where they start with teaching, If you want to control a pet you need to know where is your pet likewise if you want to control your mind, you need to know where does mind reside. Without knowing where does mind reside, it is impossible to control.

    • So where does the mind reside?
      So many traditions don’t speak of that, and yet they also lead to mind mastery. At the end of the day, mind will reside at the point of your concentration.

    • Dave

      At the end of my day have good reason(s) to state that mind is not just one’s mindfulness but includes thoughts and emotions. However their are levels of thought and awareness so the control of which you speak with regard to the pet analogy would be akin to controlling the tip of the animals tail. How much control over the total animal will result in this instance? Rather than control the mind prefer to use the mind to create the conditions leading to Samadhi (stages) or ultimately to merge into the source (pure consciousness) leading to wholistic growth not just a stronger mind. Playing on the surface of the mind will be no doubt be satisfying but a very slow approach to higher stages of spiritual development. I prefer to emphasize the body and deep meditation than the mind since purification is of bodily/nervous system channels that is of principal importance. I’m not suprised that so many Buddhists are stuck on the mental level (see Thich Nat Hahn) and really don’t understand the importance of ‘Right Concentration’. The breakdown goes like this: Beyond body is mind, then intellect, ego and pure consciousness.

  • Wow so many. Many thanks have a lot to read up on. Do you know of any that have taken up documenting the Mouni Sadhu Approach? I talk about this approach a little on my blog and the similarities in the Western Traditions.

    I would be really interested in making contact with anyone working with the Mouni Sadhu approach.

    • I know of him, and have his book, Concentration. Haven’t read it though.
      AFAIK, he was involved in both indian mysticism and western occultism.

    • Yes I love is book on the Tarot, though his Concentration book most helpful to me.

  • Great to have a collection resources from both western and eastern traditions in meditation. I think western meditation methods have long been overlooked. I wonder are you familiar hermetic forms of meditation ?

    • In my teenage time I did read a lot of books on Occultism, so I am acquainted with the main concepts. In terms of hermetic meditation, though, I would like to read more about it. Any resources you recommend?

    • Hello Giovanni, I am actually just finishing off an article at present on this very subject. I will send it over once it is completed.

    • Cool, thanks!

  • The Snarchitect

    Hey Giovanni! Love the site – I’ve been working on something similar for a while but its no-where near as good as this one – im tending more into the holistic life side of things – just saying hi! Be well!

  • Alyse Packer

    This is a great list! I appreciate general meditation blogs that don’t focus on one type of meditation because it exposes me to several different ways to meditate. I love Headspace’s blog and, of course, Live and Dare. I’m excited to check out some of these other blogs I’ve never heard of before. I personally meditate using mindful photography and my favorite blogs about this type of meditation are the following: (my blog),, and Thanks again for this great list.

  • Martina Buck Turgidson

    Found this list very helpful. A few months ago, I started blogging about mindfulness as a medical doctor. I hope you enjoy it:

  • Wow! What more can I say? I’m so looking forward to reading & practicing my way through this!
    Be Blessed

  • Eklavya

    Thanks for including The blog remains in dormant state for long. However, from August, 2017, we shall be posting regular helpful articles on meditation. Thanks again.

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