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I’m not a spiritual master, nor a guru. But I have passionately explored spirituality since I was 14 years old, followed different gurus, and had my own spiritual awakening. I’ve been helping people on the path as a spiritual coach for several years.

My insatiable hunger for spiritual knowledge, experiences and realization led me to read over two hundred books on the topic, practice over 9,000 hours of several types meditation, get formally initiated into six different lineages (of Yoga, Vedanta, Tantra and Buddhism), and learn from masters of different traditions and nationalities. Twice I nearly became a monk.

Being exposed to different teachers, paths and philosophies gave me a very broad understanding of spirituality as a whole—and also a non-dogmatic, pragmatic and eclectic approach to spiritual practice, which allows me to connect with and help many different people.

Pitfalls on The Path

Spirituality means different things for different people. It could be a search for:

  • True meaning, purpose and direction in life
  • Oneness, love, connection
  • Transcendence (enlightenment, liberation)
  • Truth, Self-Realization
  • Happiness, bliss, and peace
  • Exploration and growth
  • Deeper service

Whatever it may be for you, things can get confusing pretty quickly. You may get stuck, demotivated, or feel overwhelmed.

There is great possibility of hurting yourself, and those you love, on your spiritual path.

I’ve seen this happen to many people, and I’ve also seen it in my own journey. Certain spiritual truths, if misunderstood or not integrated properly, will not only delay your spiritual growth, but can actually handicap you in other areas of your life—such as career, relationships, family and finances. There are pitfalls at every step of the way, and they are often hard to spot.

I’ve written about some of these pitfalls and misunderstandings in the following posts:

But there is still a lot left unsaid. Besides, we often need someone to open our heart to, be heard, and receive sensible advice to assist us on our path.

Spiritual Coaching

If you need support with any of the following topics, I may be able to help you. I do so from a position of humility and service, as a spiritual friend—or an “older brother on the path” if you see me like that.

  • Finding or defining your spiritual ideal and goal
  • Discovering the most suitable spiritual path and practices for you
  • How to live spiritually in a way that the rest of your life doesn’t suffer
  • Keeping a balance between the spiritual and material sides of life
  • Recovering your enthusiasm/passion for the spiritual path
  • Clearing confusion and doubts along the way
  • Gaining clarity on certain aspects of the teachings or practices

If what you need is the ability to ask me a few questions from time to time, and to have me for ongoing support and accountability, then check out  Limitless Life Platinum, which includes monthly coaching calls and access to all online courses.

On the other hand, if you want to do a deeper work together, then you can hire me for a one-on-one coaching session.

Your Next Step

If you want spiritual coaching, fill in the form below, and tell me about your background, experiences, questions and goals.

I’ll then answer you and let you know if I can help you, and if I have any coaching time currently available.

Tell me about your background, experiences, questions and goals.
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