Practical Meditation

My new book is coming out soon — Practical Meditation (published by the Penguin Random House).

It took me many years, hundreds of books, hours of reflection and countless practice sessions to finally collect all the pieces of the meditation puzzle—but now here it is! This is the book I wish existed when I started my journey, as it would have saved me so much time and energy.

Here is how this book is structured:

  • Chapter 1 —> Learn what is meditation, the scientific benefits, and the real why behind the practice (what it can do for your life).
  • Chapter 2 —> You’ll have a first taste of the practice, learn some quick mini-meditations, and gain some clarity about what to expect from meditation, and how to avoid common pitfalls on the way.
  • Chapter 3 —> Is all about starting your practice in a way that is sustainable and rewarding. You’ll learn the ins and outs of building a meditation habit and overcoming the common obstacles to developing a solid practice.
  • Chapter 4 —> You will learn 39 different meditation techniques from the traditions of Yoga, Buddhism, Vedanta, Taoism and Sufism. Try the ones that interest you, and then choose the one that better suits your needs and temperament.
  • Chapter 5 —> Is about how to integrate meditation to deal with the challenges of daily life, such as reactivity, negative emotions, and solving difficult problems. There are also specific meditations for improving in your career, athletic performance, art, and public speaking. You’ll also learn how to deepen your experience and take your practice to the next level.

Each chapter is fully illustrated, easy to digest, clear and practical. No fluff, no difficult concepts, no new age woo-woo.

You can open this book in any page, and be sure you will learn something useful about meditation. Or you can gain a broad understanding of all that is involved, by reading it in order from cover to cover. Thing of it as meditation in a box.

The vast majority of meditations in this book is secular by nature, even though rooted in the ancient contemplative traditions.

Publication Dates

Here are the publication dates:

  • US — August 7th
  • UK — August 2nd
  • Australia — July 30th
  • Amazon — August 2nd (available now for pre-order!)

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Companion Courses

Practical Meditation

This online course expands on the contents of the book and breaks down the process of getting started with meditation in easy, day-by-day lessons. This is an in-depth meditation program for beginners, or for those that have done some meditation, but not yet built a solid practice.

In the course of 5 weeks, you will learn different techniques, develop a strong daily practice, and integrate mindfulness in daily life. Includes guided meditations for Breathing Awareness, Mantra Meditation, Chakra Meditation and Loving-Kindness Meditation.

Practical Meditation

This is my master program. It includes access to ALL of my courses, a library of high-quality guided meditations, private forums, audio lectures, personal growth challenges, and more. All to support your ongoing growth and wellbeing in life.

The Practical Meditation book contains a lot of step-by-step information about meditation. But some people feel the need of taking that a step further and use guided meditations to support their practice, or have the support of a community of meditators. Limitless Life includes guided meditations for many of the techniques taught in the book, and others too. It also gives you a forum where you can ask me questions directly.