Episode 1: All Is Unimaginably Well (Ken LaDeroute)1 min read

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This is Live and Dare’s first episode! Most episodes will be either interviews with meditation teachers, or me sharing tips for integrating spirituality in our daily life. More rarely, I will post some guided meditations, and will indicate that in the title of the episode.

Ken LaDéroute is a mindfulness meditation trainer, musician, and founder of Clarity Mind Institute and Affirmation Music for Better Outcomes. Ken is a self-made entrepreneur, running profitable franchise businesses and commercial real estate and has taught at the university level.
In 1989, he was initiated by a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, into Kriya Yoga and has been an ardent meditator and teacher for over 34 years. He utilizes his talents to help leaders and companies overwhelmed by information overload develop clarity through mindfulness training to be fully present and aware, work smarter not harder for ideal life-work balance.
In this episode you will learn:
  • How Ken used meditation to overcome depression in his teens, and to go through other hard situations in life
  • The mindfulness lesson that everything is unimaginably well
  • The inner discovery of one’s true nature as love and fullness

You can learn more about Ken in his website, ClarityMind.com. He also has meditation tracks for sale.

If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk. You breathe when you stand. You breathe when you lie down.

— Ajahn Amaro

Ken LaDeroute LiveAndDare Podcast
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